i lost my good mood today

I have a bad set of dentures. I mean, I have problem to eat food.

· On the left side, one tooth broke because I munched on peanuts. Because of that, there is a small opening that would allow food to get stuck, and it’s very painful when that happens
· On the right side, there is a wide open gum area, because I had one of my teeth pulled out because it was already rotten. This allow food to scratch and injure the gum straight away without any protection.
· On the inner part of the lips, I have ulcers too.

Just now after suffering myself eating a whole plate of chicken rice [now all solids are suffering], I got food stuck again between the broken teeth on the left side. I wanted to buy some soft mangoes to eat and to distract myself, but I put the sauce and it was very hot, it hurt my lips which has ulcers.

So now I am in a very bad mood even to post anything interesting. I feel like going home and rest, like girls with PMS do.

::Mango rice: makanan orang Siam::

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lyana said...

hey!!!!!!!! you DON'T want to find out how it feels like having PMS okey? muahahahaha. gee, first reader kah??? see you at practise! luve, liana