the evil thing i did

Yep, I did a shopping sin quite a few weeks ago.

A friend even gave me that look when it was announced officially that night.
I bought myself a pair of Skechers. These lovely pair of shoes, were so outstanding, I could notice amongst the hundreds of other pairs in the boutique.

I contemplated on whether to grab those shoes or not.

1) They are 140 bucks only per pair. And you can’t get a pair of Skechers that cheap everyday. Oh, except if you live in the States and they have these wild off season sales there.

2) I do not have a pair of outing shoes for more than a year already. Oh, there’s the yellow sad pair of North Stars, but I bought that in my second year and the sole hurts. I only wore that because of the fact I do not have a pair of shoes.

3) My parent agreed to give me allowance purposely for a new pair of shoes.

So I straight away bought them, right on the next day after I fell in love with them.

Yeah, it’s a shopping sin, could have just bought a decent pair of Powers, but I love me shoes!!

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