the meeting

I went to a meeting. Yes.

I was sitting in front of my desk and suddenly the executives here called me and dragged me along to a meeting room at the next block. The only few formal meetings that I remembered getting involved are the one that I had to meet the orchestra manager, conductor and tutors in the Cultural Center meeting room, and also the AGM for the school band when I was a senior.

With one tiny note book I borrowed from a friend, I entered the meeting room, not having any slightest idea of what is the meeting is all about.

After paying attention, roughly I could see that this meeting is between two parties; between the IT staff at my company and the IT staff from one bank.

What’s the purpose of this meeting? The bank is actually paying us to do the credit card ‘manufacturing’ so that they will have less work. In order to do this, all data about these cards will be wired to our company’s server through an internal network. What they discussed was to make sure that we are capable to do the work perfectly, according to their expectation, either the cards, or the network that we are going to build.

The meeting was like a battle between the genders. On our side, most of us are guys and on their side, they are ladies.

So the ladies went on attacking us with questions.

“How can you assure us the network won’t be entered by outsiders when you do not have any intrusion detection software?”

“You better make sure that your volt is safe and be prepared to keep our cards; before we agree to pass this task to you.”

Talking to their own staff; “You better get it clear with them. After we already outsource the job to them, if anything goes wrong, it’s our reputation that will be affected.”

These power ladies were really stern. And on our side, the guys are soft spoken and they all explained everything in a very, very nice way.

Such an experience. I nearly laughed when I see them debating among each other.


Perky said...

hmm... sounds like me in the meetings...

Anonymous said...

fuhh...edisi 'lelaki yg tenang'