soon after the bomb blast

What shocking news from Thai. The military, under the orders of the general, had revoked the ruling power of the prime minister and a new prime minister will be soon selected within two weeks.

Perhaps some wouldn’t agree with this act, but their king actually gave green light to restore the country’s peace. This is something. And it is known that everyone in Thailand really respected and worship their king.

The general of the military is a Moslem, and all this time he helped the people who were abused by the prime minister’s policy.

The king had appeared on TV long ago, giving subtle gestures; hinting the administration to do new elections but the prime minister refused to go down.

The prime minister was the cause of the insurgency; 1,700 people were killed at least.

And he brought 20,000 troops to the south, declared emergency and detained suspects without any charges.

The prime minister thought that he could take advantage that the king is already old, but the king is not a fool.

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