what's bugging the blogger

The internet and my circle of friends is a door which opens me to all the controversial and sensitive issues which is happening in my surroundings. My mind was invited to think of the things that I haven’t thought of, and it stays in there, echoing in the day, whispering in the night.

The constitution which is the base of the country. The economy plan set up by the government. The complaints of the citizens of the nation. The corruption. The swindling. The advantage taking. The laziness. The less satisfied. The unfairness. The crutch.

I am someone who is feeling guilty but at the same time dread myself doing my responsibilities. It’s a self-conflict which probed in me, trying to remind me of my purpose but at the same time rebelled inside me to not doing something I do not like.

Whatever it is, I hope that I will get through this and start afresh. The keys are given. The doors are waiting to be open, when the time comes. I am glad to have my friends who gave me the key to all these doors.

Thank you.

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