my weakness in the office; revealed

There was one day I was not efficient and not really useful at work.

I was really hooked up chatting on the net, to the extent that I felt that the time awkwardly passing really fast.

There was crisis in the air and I was trying to settle it via chat.

And then even one student who sat next to me and I assisted her while chatting, said to me and smiled:

“Wow, you look kinda busy.”

It became too obvious because I was like stationed on a PC for quite a while and smiled to myself whenever a funny dialog took place in the chat window.

Only then when it’s almost five in the evening, my direct boss came to me and said:

“Do you mind not chatting? If not, I am not going to continue hire you.”

That was like a huge slap to my face.

And another colleague reported to me that actually all the permanent senior staff noticed my wrongdoing and was not really happy about it.

On the next day, I vowed to myself not to chat online anymore. However, whenever there was no student to cater with, I wanted to check my mails and post an online entry perhaps.

The line was really terrible; we technically couldn’t access the Internet at all. The only sites that we could enter were those related to students registering, such as the university’s internal registration sites, and the online banking sites like Maybank and CIMB.

I was really upset because what I saw was that the boss blocked most access to the internet and I think it’s not really fair to everyone else too that you have to sit idle, not doing anything whenever your work load is done.

And then suddenly when I read the news online, I realized that the problem of the network was not intended.

There was an earthquake in China which caused damage to a main optic cable which stretches 19,000 kilometers long. This is a main cable; which channels the Internet flow between the Asian region and the Western countries.

Just after viewing that, the boss came to me and gave me a lecture on my working attitude. Two words can conclude it all: CHAT and LATE.
I was really discouraged and as I dwell with what she said to me, and what my friends see me as, I felt really bad. I see myself as a useless spoilt person and I felt just like running across the highway and get knocked off by a huge truck and-

It’s hard to be in a situation when you are being blamed and it’s your fault, and you admit and realize that.

I called Z and he told me to see it as a way for me to grow.

As I keep on contemplating of it, at the end I could see the source of it all. I had let myself astray and did not try to wake up before the sun goes up to do my first duty as a Moslem-

To be amongst the other believers along the same time zone to do the Subuh prayer.

To start the day doing my obligation to God would give me a place for His blessings throughout the whole day.

What my boss said was right, on my working attitude. Perhaps I could start by being punctual.


lyana said...

darling.. earth quake kat taiwan, not china. =)

and yes, take every reprimand as an oppurtunity to grow..

take care

cain & abel said...

Well, not everyday is a sunny day. Don't take it so personally. In work, we are bound to be praised and also be criticized. Just make sure it doesn;t happen again and prove to everyone that you're a better person. Challenge!