hari kekasih

Valentine’s Day.

I used to be urging my friends to do a small event on this day of the year.

The most memorable one was when we had a small gathering, drinking earl gray and eating a slice of cake, in a nice coffee house in SS2 PJ.

Perhaps initially the root ignition of such activities was my insecure of being single.

Perhaps I was trying to avoid silly heart shaped pizzas, red roses everywhere, and being tortured to the thoughts of there’s no one there for me.

(A small girl a few PCs away, sang Pencinta Wanita with her cute toddler voice.)

But I was lucky to decide to spend the night away with my friends instead of getting myself trapped in the apartment like I often did on Friday nights, bore myself lying on the bed listening to my own suffocating breath, and the steady yet stagnant buzzing sound of the stand fan.

It was fun being single and going out with my single and attached friends who did not have the chance to be with their affair.

Hidden under the uncomfortable feeling of Lovers’ Day, there was a twist of celebration of the day itself by cherishing the sincere love between close friends. We tried to heal our loneliness, but at the end, we were not alone. True, it is not the same as being there watching stars with a lover, but that’s the point. The difference is the thing to be appreciated.

How can I deny the fact that there are things that I would prefer to share with friends than the rest. How can I deny the fact that sometimes friends guide me and understand me more in a lot of aspects.

And so as it is, I cannot avoid it, be that I am single or attached. And it doesn’t matter when was the last time we contacted each other, I dedicate Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you, my friends.

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cain-abel said...

very well said. I couldn't have survived valentines without the company of friends myself. usually, its never a big deal to me, i dun even celebrate it in the first place. But one does feel the pinch once you're sudenly single....