i am no architect or draftman

Dad called me again to his office for the third meeting between me and him; regarding the new project in plan.

This time, he sketched me the map for me to go to an LRT station. My task is to go there, take some measurements, and draw the draft of the floor plan.

This unused lobby floor at the LRT station is a potential area for us to propose a renovation as the venue of my dad’s new project.

As I reached there, with an engineer’s measuring tape, and a paper and a pencil, my mind was empty.

Where the heck do I start? The place was huge, with fifteen pillars, at least.

I made it to my mind that this is absolutely a tiny task.
I started sketching, it took me an hour.
I couldn’t use the measuring tape as no one was there to help me hold it at the other end.
I decided to measure lengths by using the tiles on the floor instead.

Pillar A to Pillar B: thirty five and a half tiles of distance.

After a boring three hours of sketching the whole floor plan, I sighed in relief.
Another task was done. It’s just a small thing, but it is still a small piece that would add towards the success of the huge mega project plan.

I wish myself success.

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