pictures of a party

Oriental touch
The red wall and bamboo invited us to the house.

Lights and Balloons.
Creating the merry ambience,
on the dining table.

Black and white.
Served after chocolate cake and cheese cake.
And pasta and doughnuts.

Of people who sat down on the floor,
catching up stories with their friends.

The eyes.
Staring at you on the buffet table
as you pick your choice of food.

Night night.
The party has ended
and everyone wants to go home.


lyana said...

hmmm..somehow i teringat cerita 'umar dan bulu merak'... *laaarrrrikkkkk*

teddy's cute!

zacharoo! said...

Where's the crowd?

::airswift:: said...

gah.. my pictures all lame kan? hm...

Perky said...

Mane gambar red carpet nya??