the blog has been posted

Recently on a Friday night, I and my mates planned to go and have fun at a club in KL.

There were only a few of my friends who came, but we did enjoy ourselves.

I decided to dance at multiple places.
At the dance floor.
At the drink bar.
At the spiral staircase.
At the top floor.
At the top corridors with iron railings, where I could feel like a dancing bird in a cage.
Yeah, I am a dance whore.

We had supper at a stall after going out of the club,
And I discovered that one new friend whom I barely knew could make even more lame jokes than me.

For instance, he commented:

Wah, the songs played in the club so ‘beruang-beruang’ (translation of ‘bears’ instead of ‘best’).

And he had this habit to repeat everyone’s sentences into very illogical passive form.

Blonde-Me:: They call nasi lemak as coconut rice in English.

Awesome-Friend:: The ‘coconut’ has been ‘riced’.

Blonde-Me:: It’s really a happening club.

Awesome-Friend:: The ‘club’ has been ‘happening-ed’.

Blonde-Me:: (pointing to his jokes) Muahahah.. I like that.

Awesome-Friend:: The ‘that’ has been ‘liked’.

At this point I was so speechlessly entertained; I actually clapped my hands gleefully.

(The hands has been clapped.)

Other friends; they just rolled their eyes.

(The eyes has been rolled.)

All in all, that was a great weekend night, we definitely had fun.

(The hang out has been fun-ed.)

Sorry! Can’t help it.


Bibik Nyonya said...

so that's where the new style of lame jokes came from. The joke ahs been lamed. lolz!

lyana said...

argh. heart attack i baca the statements!

hmmmmm...bila mau pole dancing? ;)

::airswift:: said...

the statements has been heart attacked.