concert review la pulok.

Since I performed myself in last Friday’s concert, I have no say to review the performance. But this is what my close friends said after they attended it:

I was surprised that the orchestra actually played the original Chopin piano concerto instead of playing a rendered version of it. Good attempt; however, the quality was disappointing. The piano solo was superb, but the orchestra accompaniment was really bad. The bassoon sound stuck out of the orchestra with tone problems, the strings were not accurate and have tuning problem. However, the jazz songs were entertaining.

-Sim Sim, teacher and flautist

The concert was really boring. No dynamics. We were chatting up there about handphones and gadgets because we lose interest towards the orchestra. One of us rested on my shoulder and fell asleep.

-Ino Akari, HR executive and trumpeter

The rock singer was bad; however, I was entertained by the rock music. Overall it was dull. I felt like watching another RTM product.

-Shasha, IT officer and tremolo singer

It was a bozzo situation but I should have expected it. Yeah, maybe the sound was slightly better with the presence of good players, but it’s still of the same genre.


Personally, I had fun performing in this concert. Perhaps the arrangement was not amazing, but I gained something else. It was something like my experience performing in the Commonwealth Games Marching Band in ’98.

I gained contacts with strong trumpet players.
They threw me a lot of good trumpet scores and I photocopied all them.
The books were so many, photocopying cost me 40 bucks. mumble mumble so expensive mumble mumble.
And it was fun when each player were so enthusiastic in playing properly with the best tone and best pitch and best reach in high notes and what not.

I am having a break from playing the trumpet for a while. The rehearsals and concert was so tiring. Now I am trying to run my blonde brains by studying the basics of accounting. How about that?


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