singapore trip: amazing hospitality

Last week I had a very momentuous week.
I went to stay in Singapore.
I attended a forum there.
The people there were so friendly, sometimes I forgot that I was outside Malaysia.

I used to be already always listening about stories that they are snobbish,
but now I give that up. I can understand that they have a wonderful pride of their country, and I think that's just noble.

I was lucky that Dear Dear Z knows a very pleasant couple there,
and I stayed at their house.
Gone were my worries on where should I stay.
These are the pictures of their beautiful place.

My bedroom, cosy and calming.

The bathroom in my bedroom, white and squeaky clean.
There's a shower room too!

The windows next to the entrance door.

From the tv set, you could see the reflection of the couch in the living room.


lyana said...

amboi dia! enjoy habes jadik singaporean! ;)

am glad you had fun dear dear. ;)

::airswift:: said...

yeah, i am so lucky.
especially when the forum opened my eyes widely and make me check what's in life for me. :)

Catty said...

glad you had no problems getting lodging. At least you didn't have to run around looking for cheap hotel rooms. Nice house! :)

P.S. Had any Mos burger? ;P

Bibik Nyonya said...

amboi the bedroom ppunya careful of tompoks though. Ha ha ha ha!!!

::airswift:: said...

hahah.. lucky that they have a maid to have clean sheets every week!