singapore trip: astounding nature, exciting leisure

Pictures of nature and leisure when I was there in Singapore.

It appears like a nightmare in your sleep.
Picture taken end of the tunnel, Underwater World.

These good fortune fishes are so friendly. They are in a huge pool inside Fullerton Hotel.
They would go near to have you touch them, just like the sting ray in the Underwater World’s interactive tank.

It’s so calm, refreshing and hip to be in a gym which overlooks one of the seascape of Singapore. While running on the treadmill, you can see the huge cruise ships passing by. After done working out, you can have some treat at any coffee shop in Vivo City Mall.

Jelly fishes swimming in a calming rhythm, like a painting.
Taken in Underwater World.

This peculiar minute sea creature lives in cold temperature of 2 degrees.
When seen closer, you can see two ‘wings’ attached on their backs.
They use these ‘wings’ to swim, hence called the flying angels.

How nice is it to walk at the beach, while eating Ben and Jerry ice cream.
Of course my choice would be strawberry cheese cake.
Nothing is as nice as cheese. Ops.

Taken at the window sill at the apartment I am staying at,
These Asian flower really match with the thin dark cocoa organza curtains.

Can you see me standing on the letter I?
Along this beach, cute Singaporeans play water volleyball with wearing only their Bermudas.

The first thing that I walked through when I left the apartment is this breathtaking green scenery, before going down towards the huge houses placed neatly beside each other.

Sized as huge as a single bed, this species survived the Jurassic era.

I got the time to capture this beautiful shade of cobalt blue, as night time comes and as it started to drizzle in Pahlawan Beach.

As I walk through the public HDB apartments towards the food stalls, I went through this wooden pathway with pretty pale purple flowers.

This bird, like others of the same spieces, roam freely on Sentosa Island.

Red flowers captured in Orchard Road.

This huge Japanese spider crab has a body as big as a round table, and legs that can clasp a whole Mini Cooper. Aliens.

Going to Singapore is never complete if I don’t eat the unagi Mos Burger.

I spot this squirrel outside my window one morning.
If lucky, one can see the hornbills, kingfishers and other species of birds.


Bibik Nyonya said...

nice sea creatures piccies. Love those jelly pink!

::airswift:: said...

yeah. if only can wear them like hats. hik.

Fable Frog said...

wah~ u can snap the sea angel~~~!!! so small also can snap till so close~~ i just cant snap it at all!!!

::airswift:: said...

nowadays got digicam can use micro function mahh..