life- as how it occurs to me now.

Almost reaching more-than-half of the pool while doing butterfly strokes, after two weeks of break of fever.

Cleaning up the dirty kitchen cabinet- with the tiny cockroaches and water leaks.

Buzzing the mouthpiece while waiting out the rain to stop, sitting by the stairs, after work.

Listening to another new good album, or it can also be just another ol’ good music.

Laughing out loud at Uptown with a good friend like nobody else’s business.

Having a long chat with mom and let her some space to cry for her ownself.

Looking at those pricey plasma TVs that I couldn’t afford- yet.

Sit quietly watching Mariah Carey’s concert, listening to those songs as I walk down the archives of my teen memories.

Knowing that friends will walk this path with you.

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lyana said...

holding your hand and walking down the path with you.


damn i miss upstown with you guys!or any duduk sessions for that matter. :(