hair care: just spreading the good news

Having very thin hair and sensitive scalp that would have a high tendency of getting dandruff; I keep on finding the safest product to use on my hair.

I always do the spikey out-of-bed look. In order to do that, I need to use hair wax. The criteria that I would look for is something that:

::::Has the strength to maintain the spikey hairdo

::::Not too dry and won’t make my hair end up like a funny bob in the middle

::::Won’t irritate the scalp so that I won’t end up scratching it and make it go flaky

::::Can be washed off easily by regular shampooing

It’s hard to get one which fulfill all the above, because hair wax is normally dry, hard and would definitely make my head itch. I don’t like you know!

Until I found this brown colored hair wax from Mandom, that I found in Seven Eleven in Singapore. It’s very affordable, less than fifteen ringgit I think. And it nourishes the hair too.

But the trouble is that once I finished one jar of hair wax, I need to go Singapore because they don’t have it here. As if I am Paris Hilton can go Singapore every day lah.

Anyway, I invested some money (sixty ringgit) to buy this product from The Natural Source. It’s a product from Australia but you can get it even in MegaMall Midvalley. Comparing the price and the quality and quantity (it’s quite a big jar), I think it’s just worth buying.

Normally this High Shine Hair Shaper is used to maintain the curls of girls who have long colored perm hair. But if you have very very short hair like mine, this product can act as a hair wax. Just enough strength to shape my hair, rich in natural contents to make my hair go healthy. And my hair smells like candy too.

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