ah, it's nothing

I have now chosen to shrug away all my unnecessary worries, because they are baseless, and I am not going to be affected by certain small occurrence in life, and make them stop my life.

It’s quite dangerous to feel disempowered and all moody just because I haven’t accepted the fact that in this real world, there are people around me who don’t feel comfortable of me being gay.

My life is at speed now, if I suddenly stop to pamper my childish moods, I fear that I will skid terribly in this race.

So I’m now getting off the silly upset. Time to whisk my hair and do the catwalk. (Matilah not relevant).


So what’s running in my life now?

At the moment I had less time to practice, I just do the sessions hastily and I get an uncomfortable ulcer on my upper lip. Oh please don’t speculate that I’m involved in violent activities during bedtime ya. Everyone knows that practicing without warming up can risk you injuring yourself. Adding to that, playing with the mute is another factor of injury- since I have to force my blowing to compensate with the air block by the mute.

And I definitely need to schedule my activities especially my practicing- they are too randomly done. In fact, at the moment I’m typing this post I am still wondering whether I’m on track. That’s a sign of doing action without proper planning and goals.

The other day I was talking to a professor regarding on my plans. And you know what? He gave me cash for me to buy my scores for grade five. And what I need to give in return is to develop myself and make the music notes worth it. What I will have to do next is to purchase those books online with a credit card.

Apart of that, these are small random things that happened in my life:

I think Jojoubs can squeak the phrase “So-sweet!” in a lightning speed and at the tiniest highest pitch. So gifted. Me so jealous.

I was sitting in my office and suddenly the chair was rocking on its own for five minutes. Nothing to do with supernatural stuff. Thank goodness no one was trying to voodoo me since I am too cute. Oh~ ^_^

We suspected there’s an earthquake somewhere on planet earth. We straight away checked the net, true enough, CNN reported there was an earthquake in Aceh.

As I was stopping at the red light, (not red light district ya, if it’s red light district then I won’t be stopping, I might be dancing on the table already lah), I spot the car beside me has it’s gas tank lid is left opened. What if the petrol spill outside the tank? Then there would be a huge pollution disaster and all fishes will die.

So I gave some sexy body language to tell the driver that his tank lid is opened, and I helped to close it for him. Wah me so good boy.

Yeah I am typing nonsense now and you are reading nonsense too. Go back and do your work :P


Perky said...

Of coz Jujubes can reach those high notes. Don't u know, dia tu nyah lah... she just kepit her bola to hit that pitch perfect "so sweet!"

p/s: I better hide in my room the next couple of days... matilah aku kalau jujubes baca i punyer comment...

::airswift:: said...

i dont think she's reading this. she buat derkkk je.

let's lari and hide together-gether perky.