what's our excuse?

The picture above shows a group of Moslems praying, in between the remnants of building after an earthquake.

But that's not what I wanted to say here.

When a frog hops onto a hot surface, it will jump away.
But when a frog sits in a container which is gradually getting hotter, it won’t realize any difference until gets boiled dead.

That is what Al Gore told in his speech, regarding on human ignorance about the nature.

Big industrial companies especially in the States have their manufacturing activities going on without any preventative measures to protect the world from pollution.
The CO2 gas level is increasing dangerously, we all know that.
Huge glaciers are melting, we all know that.
Cyclones coming out of no where, storm and draught came, we all know that.
Even here in our country- sometimes it’s scorching hot outside.

The sad thing is, we prefer to have things conveniently done,
Not considering the impact of it.

Even I myself, sitting here by my desk,
Eating breakfast from a disposable polystyrene food container,
And a disposable plastic spoon.
So what? After all it’s so convenient, right? It’s not my fault, it’s them providing it with the food, right? It’s not my problem, the polystyrene and plastic will always be taken care of, after I chuck it into the dustbin, right?

The term disposable is just a cover up. We don’t know whether it will be recycled properly or not. And polystyrene, so far that I know, is not disposable.

Any small good deed has a tendency for people to ridicule it.
We all know that each individual small steps, be it good or bad, could cause a huge impact.
The whole globe environmental crisis is a collective result, contributed by each and every person on earth.
If only we don’t forget and be aware about it.
Before we end up like a well-cooked frog.

Rather than questioning people about their awareness about the environment,
How about I try apply it on myself.
Time for me to remind myself to use my own spoon and lunch box.


Perky said...

I separate my rubbish as a way for me to help the environment. And thank goodness that I'm "allergic" to aircond. Not using aircond when u sleep can also help reduce the CO2 level in the ozone.

Oh, and I want to get a hybrid car too! :)

::airswift:: said...

wah so good la you.

where do you send the recyclable stuff after you separate them? i would like to send the same thing from my house too.

i think ikea have bins for that, no?

btw, yeah the hybrid car is nice.