my phone is spoilt

Yesterday night I was around in Carrefour Bt Jalil, to rehearse for the coming wedding function. I’m going to play in a live band.

Everything went well. I exited the studio and saw a few phone shops that have repair services. I wanted to give my phone a new look. I decided to change my phone housing to black, and change the keypads as well.

During the one hour wait, I went for my dinner, and had a haircut as well.

I got back my phone after that, it looked just fine, but when I pressed the keypads, I was so furious. The walkman shortcut button and also the right joystick button was not functioning. And they accused that the phone was already in that condition when I handed it to them an hour ago.

What the f**k?
I’ve got no strong proof because I did not literally press all the buttons on the phone to the girl before that to show that it’s functioning well.

However, I just told her in the face that I regret coming to the shop, you people do not know how to repair properly, I’ll just pay for the service but I am not going to repair the keypad circuit at your shop. I’m going to Low Yatt instead because they give you what you want.

I paid seventy bucks, my hard-earned cash, not to get my gadget spoilt.
I expect decent workmanship and I should get my phone back with a new look, but now I have a spoilt phone.

If only I could remember the shop name and warn you.


chikanoz said...

series of bad luck huh.. concert, watch and now fon. tsk tsk tsk...

::airswift:: said...


i think i cannot stand being negative that much lah.

it was just an experiment for me to try to complain about life, but i can see that i am pulling all the negativities towards me.

it's tiring.

never mind. i'll try some more for a few days and i'll see what will happen.