my first live band show- the horror and the fun of it

At last, I entered the huge ballroom where the wedding dinner was held.
Wah! So grand the entrance.
Imagine if your house has doors like these.

I and the other musicians were all in black attire.
It was nice that we were served with food earlier,
so that we won't get famished while playing for the event.

As I stood there on the stage for sound check, I felt excited.
There was a condensed microphone just for me in the middle of the stage.
It's like me having a test drive on how does it feel to go solo like Chris Botti.

And then the show begun.

As the couple entered the hall, I started blowing my trumpet, playing the song "Merenjis", till they get seated on the dais, in front of everyone.

But we were panicked when they did the "tepung tawar" ceremony.

*Tepung tawar is when the parents walk to the wedding dais, throw rice and flour on the couple's face as a blessing so that they won't throw stuff (like pots and pans and pails) at each other's face in the future, once they're officially married. Okay, just kidding. It's just a ceremony of giving blessings, that's all.

But for a few minutes during that tepung tawar thingy, there was no music!
I was being panicky, frantically asking my band leader what are we gonna play?!!
There was a deafening silence, and people were waiting.
It felt like a huge ugly concrete slab was in front of the audience,
and everyone's waiting for the slab to be removed out of sight.
Put it away! Put it away!

Luckily the technician up there saved the evening by playing some relevant music CDs.
How embarassing.

Then after that when dinner is served, it was smooth sailing-
Me playing Beautiful Maria,
and then we all jammed Just the Two of Us,
and also Kasih.

The wedding dinner felt so short,
couldn't manage to play other songs from the song list given by our client.

By the way, look at the cake, so beautiful :)

How I felt about the whole performance?
A bit dissappointed because I feel as if we don't really follow the clients' demands.
A bit relieved because we've made it through the whole night anyway.
Was excited too because, it was that moment I've got the chance to stand boldly, hundreds of people watching me play, like a mini concert for myself.
Shortly said, we could've done a LOT better, but it was fine.

As for the wedding couple and their family, they seem to be having a wonderful time.
And that's what matters most.

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