orchestra performance for august!!

Ah, another concert is coming up soon.
It’s so exciting for me whenever I get to grab the chance to perform.

The National Theater (Istana Budaya) Youth Orchestra is having a concert for two nights for this month, as a celebration of our nation’s Independence Day.

So if you cannot come on Friday, there’s a Saturday. Or the other way round.
Do spare your weekend night in Kuala Lumpur to enjoy the concert.

The highlighted songs that the orchestra is going to play:

Violin concerto No. 2 by Henri Weniawski
(I tell you, the solo violin is a high school girl and she’s superb!)

In a Persian Market by Ketelbey (simple, cute piece)
Just like the title, this song pictures a princess traveling through the dessert, entering the Persian market, and leaves.

Night on Bare Mountain by Mussorgsky (very Russian, very dynamic)
This piece is about a story of wicked witches doing their potions and spells on top of a bare mountain. At the end of the piece, the song goes very solemn, resembling church bells at dawn, the witches wailed and cried as they had to leave as the morning sun comes up for the new day.

Oh, before I run away, other related info:

Tickets: RM 10 per person
Dates: 29th August, 30th August 2008, 830pm
Venue: Main hall, Istana Budaya, Jalan Tun Razak.

Click this link below to view the website.


teDdy bOo said...

hey there.. i was thinking, how could u reach me? knowing that u might read my blog ke kan. n then my link at the side tuh, honored gile! thnx ;P keep updating!

::airswift:: said...

hi teddy,
i was google-ing "sbp wind band comp" and i got your link from the search results. ^_^

Calvin said...

You want me to advertise the concert for you in my blog. Hehehe... I think I'll go and watch.

::airswift:: said...

Wah! that's so cool.
the more the merrier..