heard of it before? it's okay

Be patient during the fasting month of Ramadan, they say.

It’s quite a huge tidal wave that I’m swimming through, with challenges here and there.
Listing it all out here is not going to create any benefit, after all, let it all be in the past, forgotten, and what’s left could be some good lesson learnt.

It’s time to get up and focus.
A new friend (and also a few old friends) were reminding me, asking when would I want to go and get my first trumpet certificate. Grade 5 Trinity, that is.

After so much that I've went through,
Maybe I’ve blanketed myself with layers of fear and doubt.
Maybe I am holding so much onto the myth that sitting for a music exam is so tough, it takes your precious money, sweat and blood to go for it.

To the extent that I've done nothing much now,
practicing scales half-heartedly,
never take any action to really go and order the scores
(and cover up with the same ol' excuse that I have not enough money and no credit card),
and never really mentioned this plan to my trumpet tutor.

So within all the fear and doubt that I have right now-

I’m deciding to take another extreme action- to order the scores, pay for extra lessons, and plan for the exam right after I get my next salary. Of course there might be some impact in my expenditure, but in the long run, it’s just worth it. Even if I have to eat bread for a few weeks.

After all, I’ve done a lot of mega shopping before this, and I am still surviving, standing and alive. So of course I can survive this one too, and stand proudly again.

So this time it’s going to be for my self progress- on towards becoming a world class trumpet player.

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