respectful people respect people.

In the real working world, there are a colorful variety of staff that I have to work with.
Some are blonde who don’t have a clue on how important it is to have the network cable or the mouse to be CONNECTED to your PC BEFORE you can use it,
Some are secretly IT geniuses who are humble and let you the freedom to do your job.

And I admit that I do notice that some staff also gave that certain look on you,
As if in their eyes they are saying that “You are just someone whose job is to fix the tools in our office.”

It’s nothing big actually, but I thought of it-
What it takes to gain some respect from these people?
Do I arrogantly and purposely utter things like-
“Sigh.. things easy like this also need us to fix?”
Do I boldly say that my father is a prominent figure who always deal with your CEO?
(Even I was surprised- I only realized it when father told me last Idulfitr)

I shrugged and was amused to realize that I myself have such wasteful thoughts.

The ideal way of gaining respect is to work it out on your own.
Through your effort and through your sincerity.
And of course, you will have to respect people first.
My friend reminded me that a respectful man will always treat another person with respect,
Regardless how hateful he is towards that particular person.

And if the other person do not know how to respect, hey, maybe that fellow is not a respectful person too.

Keep life simple, have to put that stopper when you start thinking too much.


yazrie said...

aiyooo..kalau i jadi u I CARUT SAJOH

::airswift:: said...

if i carut too much
then i my life will kena carut
because jobless. how? =P