medical check up - tip top!!

Of all the achievements that I’ve gotten in my whole life,
I must say that I am most proud with my excellence in health.

I went for a free medical checkup organized by my firm today,
And these are the results.

Blood pressure:
Diastolic/Systolic 110/72 (better than normal rate)

Percentage of fat
Whole body: 8.0 percent
Trunk: 6.6 pecent
Legs: 12.2 percent
Arms; 13.6 percent
(Low level of fat)

Percentage of muscle:
Whole body: 35.7 percent
Trunk: 31.3 percent
Legs: 52.8 percent
Arms: 42.1 percent
(Significant level of athlete muscle)

Body mass index:
19.2, which is in the range of normal (18.5 – 22.9)

Visceral fat level:
3, which means that I have low cholesterol level (high is above 10)

Sugar level:
5.1 (above 8.0 is risky to get diabetes)

Resting metabolic rate:
1290 (very, very low),
which means that I can get fat too if I don’t take care of my diet.

Body age:
18 (about ten years younger than my actual age).

This is a scientific result of my diet, and my swimming, and my working out.

Thank you, thank you, thank you God.


Anonymous said...

Woot~woot~ can I see your youthful body? Hehehe... Why no picture of you shirtless? Must show proof mah. Hehehe...

::airswift:: said...

haven't got the chance to take more photo yet. later la i think ha ha.