This thought went across my mind as I rode my bike to work on the Penchala link in the morning around 7-ish, when the sky was a mixture palette of deep blue and golden yellow. Pretty sight.

I had just happened to read online news about this person. We used to meet at the club for a not-so-blind date, but once he saw him, there and then he said that he needed to meet his friends first and there he went, disappearing in the crowd without ever coming back.

This person is now a famous fashion designer, and every year without fail his name will pop up in the news, with his latest creation. And each moment I read about his victory, I felt jealousy creeping inside me.

True as they say, you always wish that those who reject or leave you will have a miserable life. You wish that you will be more successful and happier than them, or at least when you bump into them- you will act your best to be more superior, wealthier, whatsoever better than them.

This is the strange truth of us. We were okay with our lives, and then when we heard that that ex who had just purchased himself a huge mansion, or went to a great vacation- we’ll start to roll our eyes, or worse, roll into bed feeling depressed.

There will always the mean side of us. But when we get mean, in the end we ourselves will not be happy.

Really, we need to remind ourselves that our life right now-
how happy we are with it is based on how we appreciate it.

Yes, we will always want more of this and that, but along the process of getting more, if we never truly appreciate life the way it is given to us right now, we will never be happy.

So those who earned their victory this year- a completed masterpiece, a recommended entitlement, a new car, a bonus reward or a fabulous vacation trip- congratulations to you and enjoy it. You deserve it.

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