tomorrow's the day!

Yeay. Tomorrow is the concert for the youth orchestra in Damansara, at Segi College.

The main building. Nice.

It's so near to my apartment, in fact, today is the rehearsal and now is the break time for lunch- I could go back home and take a bath and rest.

The rest of the players went off to the mall to eat some food.

So now I am spending some time relaxing and writing this post.

Few things happened actually.

Weeks after the accident I had on the way back from Istana Budaya (just after we came back from Kuantan), now the cuts on my knee is already healing. I'm grateful for having a medical card, and good advice from my boss- that is to consume "pati ikan haruan" that will expedite the healing process.

My trumpet, which was slightly damaged by the impact, is now sparkling silver- repaired and serviced by a good brass expert. The bore of the trumpet was also cleaned, so now my playing felt so free-flowing. Nice! Felt like a new trumpet.

My trumpet is in the middle. See the difference?

So yeah, tomorrow's the concert!
Hope you could make it to watch the show.

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