first live band show

Two rehearsals at night until two in the morning.
One meet with band leader to figure out the trumpet/sax parts, til one in the morning.

Alas, we managed to perform in front of two thousand diners in the ballroom.
It was great for me to play with people who are so experienced- the drummer, the keyboardist, the guitarist, saxophone player and the bass guitarist. And the singer who also manages her own shows, and her dancers. All of them are good.

I didn't get much chance to snap photos, after all this is quite a "private" event, so here are few shots that I've got.

The huge stage where we can put everyone together.

Two thousand people fit this ballroom. It was full that night.

This is a show that feels quite sudden, so ad-hoc, but still was entertaining and smooth flowing, because these performers- musicians, dancers and singers- know their job.

Below is the entrance of the hall.. retro.

And these are the manequin-like models, showing off the products of one leather
brand which is also involved in this event.

A shot of the a dancer. White feathers!

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