jazz orchestra

Not all orchestral involvement are nice. Sometimes there are shows that got screwed up too. Either the performance was not a good one, or the logistics was bad, or sometimes you don't have the heart to play at all.

Playing with the professionals could be fun- I can learn a lot of things and get inspired with their story of success. However, getting along with the big boys sometimes gives me the huge stress. It is the most painful when all this while you thought that you already nailed most of the repertoire, and then at the last minute you were being shouted for not able to perform that running phrase of chromatic in four bars- and that was ugly. Most of us felt degraded. Not appreciated.

Personally, I think this is the most un-fun experience of all, but the quality of the big band is quite something to look at.

Anyway. Let’s attend our university big band (jazz) concert, free admission; it is sort of a premiere of the big band.

Some of the songs that we’re going to play-

Let’s Face the Music and Dance
Mack the Knife
In The Mood
Pennsylvania 6-5-0-0
Ku Impikan Bintang

Yeah, stuff like that.

So come and watch. Perhaps this would be my last participation in the team.

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