always did that. let's do this instead.

These few weeks I’ve revamped my life by trying on taking the unfamiliar approach to all breakdowns in my life. Usually, based on experience, we will try to solve a matter by choosing the same solution, and the outcome would be the same. It would be great if the problem is solved, but it won’t work if the problem kept on popping up too many times again in our life.

One of the weekends, I decided to travel down to Singapore to buy myself the exact trumpet mouthpiece that I want. It was a crazy unfamiliar decision, but I am sure that I will get the result- instead of waiting for an online purchase to arrive after three months, or waiting never-endingly for a friend to help buying it for me.

The process of buying the ticket was the most difficult. I was really surprised that the RM120 bus ticket is not available, and the departure times that I want were not offered anymore. I became so upset, the familiar decision that I would made is to cancel off the trip. Inside being so furious about it, I gave it up, just buy the RM180 ticket with the not-so-convenient departure times.

And after that I felt so relieved, because now I know it was confirmed that I WILL definitely go down to my favorite city and get that mouthpiece.

So, with my freshly washed sandals, and my newly repaired Seiko, and a pair of Gucci shades (borrowed) that kept fell off my face, I went to Singapore all alone to buy my mouthpiece. It was really a small but significant step in my life.

Taking the unfamiliar action is risky, uncomfortable, but they definitely give you new results. It’s like a fresh change in life, sometimes exciting.

Apart of that. I am also learning to forgive and forget people's mistakes. Particularly on a person that I know for quite sometime.

Of course there would be certain excluded cases of torn relationships and destroyed trust which we couldn’t save anymore. However in general, if I still have my interest in a relationship with another human being, I can choose to separate between the individual and his wrongdoings. The mistake was in the past, and a person is always bigger than the mistake. Giving up my ego and be generous, and I will receive the same thing too. Instead of giving the cold shoulder, I started to chat as usual. What a relief it felt for me!

I am also now listing down everything that is out of integrity in my life.
Promises that I have not kept, failures of the past that I haven’t cleaned up, stuff like that.
And perhaps, one by one, I’ll attend to them with the unfamiliar approach.

More to come!

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