filling up my schedule

It seems that I’ve managed to fill up my days with a good schedule.

Living in the possibility of a world class trumpet player, I’ve finally got myself registered for grade 5. I’ve created a daily self-practice schedule for August 2009, and I devote myself to follow it.

And living up with the possibility of an outstanding IT executive,recently I’ve also decided to make use of these few months by approaching my network manager, and by using the facilities already in the company, I am going to learn and experience hands-on on how to plan, implement, install and maintain a basic network. I will write an extensive note everyday in a report book to see my progress.

There is no excuse of me being stuck when I feel bored, because I am aware that there are so many things that I have to do to maintain integrity in my life. There are things which are not settled yet, things that has to be completed and in progress. There are so many ways for me for me to move up to the next level.

By saying that “I am bored”, it doesn’t really mean that “I have nothing to do”.
It might just be a back door that I am trying to run away from the things that I have to do, or maybe I just need a break, and do something spontaneous. Like a karaoke session. Or a vacation trip.

There is no leisure time in my life right now. If I want leisure, than I have to create it purposely in my schedule. Like right now, if I want to write something for the blog, I steal particularly this hour to do it. Properly.

The book store is now a favorite place for me to enter. By just putting out less than fifty bucks, I can get a good book to read whenever I want. Currently I am still reading The Enchantress of Florence by Salman Rvshdi. (It’s amazing that this controversial author can do magic with his pen. He writes ever so beautifully, I read this book in euphoria.)

Yesterday I also bought myself this new toy- finally.
A semi-pro bridge camera. Sony DSC-HX1.
It’s like a new world for me to learn photography. Exciting!

And of course, I’ve still got a bunch of Studio Ghibli animation movies to enjoy.

Then after some fun, I’ll hop back on this fast track of my life.

That actually gives me a sense of control, rather than being swayed away by emotions, and lie around depending only on what I feel rather than what needs to be done every single day.

It’s nice to know that this month I’ve been trained to list out the things that I need to do in order to maintain my integrity in life.

I am practicing to fulfill all the promises that I have not kept for myself and for the people around me. I will have to deal and complete with all the problems that I have swept away under the carpet. At the same time, I am keeping myself empowered, not affected by drama and get along with it instead.

And of course, I am learning to take things at the brighter side and laugh about myself, not taking things too seriously.

How amazing it is when you are open to learn about yourself even more.

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