need a new camera

I’m surveying what they call as super zoom “bridge” cameras – cameras which “bridge in the technology” between SLR and point and shoot compact cameras.

Below is what I’ve got in general from various review sites.

Fujifilm FinePix S1500

Price set at lower than RM1k, this camera is the most affordable.

Image quality is standard, and this camera can take good shots at low light.
It also can focus on moving objects, resulting clear pictures.

Video quality is good, although I am not really sure about the audio. When you use the zoom while recording, you can hear the sound of the lens going in and out. Not really nice to record musical performances.

This is a decent camera with a 12 times zoom that won’t burn a hole in my pocket, and the size is compact too.

Sony DCS-HX1

Some even claim that if you are keen to produce high quality SLR photos, without the bigger effort and bigger buck on the actual SLR, you can consider buying this.

Using CMOS sensors, gives this camera a level apart from the usual CCD sensors in other compact digital cameras.

It has a fantastic HD video recording, a user commented “it’s like a digital camera and camcorder in one”. The stereo audio is excellent too.

Pictures are amazing, as you can see. And the zoom range is long.

For a camera which is so high tech, of course it costs a bomb – at RM1699. Hm..

Sony SLR a200

And as a teaser, this is what you can produce with a real SLR camera.
I'm not really interested to get one though. The camera alone is RM1k plus.
Lens, vary from RM900 to beribu-ribu lemon.

But see how amazing these photos are..

So, which one would it be- a Sony or a Fuji? Hmm..


joe said...

Buy an entry-level SLR! Best

::airswift:: said...

hehehe.. but the learning curve and the cost yang tak bestnya.. :P