my mind wanders as i do housekeeping

I was doing some adjustment on my blogspot. I decided to add labels on my posts, so that people can view certain type of posts that they’re interested of.

For example, I know that some visitors are not interested in reading anything, but they want to see pictures. So if you’re one, you go to the right hand side, just click at the link “1000 words” under Read by Category.

When I started the labeling, I had to look back to the list of the old posts- some were worth being labeled, some were nice memories, some reminded me of the pain in the past.

There were also posts where I declared that I’ve wanted to do some actions, but didn’t really happen. For instance, I wanted to have carrots in my daily diet- but nowadays the only vege that I have in my fridge is for my iguana.

These reminders of the promises for myself that I didn’t fulfill- it wasn’t like a slap on my face, but more like a subtle yet annoying poke on my forehead.

But then again, we are all human beings
who occasionally fail to fulfill a few things-

New year resolutions.
Diet plans.
That plan to master water color painting.
Eat vitamin C everyday.

Life is short. We ought to live it up feeling happy.

As for the things that we said we wanna do-
Like a friend said, how diligent we are to do something shows how bad do we want it.

However, it ain't really matter if we don't do them-
We’re not going to die.

Life will still go back to its usual business.


If we do the things we say we are going to do,
We’ll get pleasant results.
And of course, life will go to the next level.

It's up to us.

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