now i see

Yes. I admit that I made a huge fuss over something as small as a pinhead.
In fact I was so puzzled, why in the world I got that upset.

With the assistance of my friends, I’ve realized that my upset was not really about the incident where my photos were commented.

That incident is only a trigger of something in the past-
A past which I now see that I haven’t given up!

I was so clingy to THAT similar past, because maybe it was quite a huge trauma to me.
In that past event, I wanted to share some of my opinions, I got disagreements, and everything went ugly after that.

I thought I’ve already moved on, but I didn’t. I was so stubborn to hold on to that past.

Sadly, the predictable future would be of me being ticked off by anything so small as someone saying “I don’t agree with you” in any public sites.

I will snap off whenever there is a different idea, just because it is said to me in public, since I make it mean “I feel humiliated and you make me feel like I am a failure”.

The cost of it is that I would always feel miserable.

I’m done with all this.

I’m forgiving that past, totally putting it away already.

Because it happened back then, and not now.

I’m creating my future to be free, and unstoppable.
And by that, magically my upset with that graphic designer disappeared.

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