on national day 2009

What is it with people nowadays? When I read the news about the degrading demonstration of objecting the relocation of the temple, I was appalled.

If Islam is the true religion, when was it allowed for us to humiliate other faith, although we don’t believe in them?

Remember the story about the prophet Mohammed walking down the neighborhood, and a Jew lady threw rubbish and cursed at him from the building? He didn’t even winch a bit, and forgave her. And then it happened that she fell sick, and as a way to respect her as a neighbor, he visited her. She was touched by his kindness, and converted to Islam.

And how about the teachings in Islam that says, even if there is a war, we are prohibited to harm any woman, child, and places of worship?

Are we trying to take example on certain hopeless countries where Moslems kill the other and vice versa, just because we are defending that we are the righteous one?

I personally have done that- being offensive just to defend my own opinions, and the outcome that I experienced was not a pleasant one at all.

So it goes with all of us as the believers in Islam. If we don’t do it with hikmah, people will label Islam as a faith of violence and extremism. Not to mention that those who already hate Islam, had interpreted the holy Koran in a way that make it seem that we are encouraging violence- to hate and diminish those who don’t believe.

I am tired when some Chinese guys assumed that my study loan is for free, because I am a Malay. They are not to be blamed, because the assumption is based on how the country is.

I am tired that those who are fighting for a fair country are only those who are not really religious. What happened to the Islamic people, how come they don’t have anything to say about this?

I am tired that we make it so difficult for people of different race to mingle with each other. You can always protect your dignity, wear a nice decent scarf and cover your aurat, and be Islamic, and there’s nothing wrong for you to make friends with a Chinese girl.

I am tired that people of different race just don’t bother to understand the other faith, and respect them for what they are.

We’d rather call each other “stupid tudong Malay girl” or “Cina makan babi”, because degrading people is fun. It seems like there’s no love and appreciation between races at all.

But there is hope.

I am relieved that I have the nicest Chinese landlady who always took care of the house, will help whenever she can to solve any problems we faced regarding the apartment.

I am relieved that I have a huge bunch of Chinese friends who don’t look at me by my skin.

I am relieved that last few years, when I was lost in search for a job, my Chinese friend suggested me to look out for free courses for Bumiputras to get myself up.

I am relieved that I am free to perform the solat at my Chinese friends house, when I hang out with them.

I am relieved that I joined orchestras where the term ‘race’ doesn’t matter, we love each other and go all out in the name of music.

I am aware that a new revolution is not that simple. Too many things needed to be cleaned up, improved and changed. If it is done in a drastic way, many people will still get upset. Racial issue is always a tricky thing to handle with. To change the ways of administrating the country needs delicate tweaking, a bit at a time.

Do it just by emotions and not by thinking, and everything will tumble down.
Umpama tikus membaiki labu.

However, if we are sincere, nothing is impossible. The new idea of 1 Malaysia, to me, gives some positive light towards a better nation. Let us put aside being skeptic and find out all the ways that we can contribute instead.

I'm saying this, and I am NOT making fun of it-
Malaysia Boleh. Yes, we can.