ticked off?

Human beings are ‘upset waiting to happen’.

What does it mean by that?
We can just be upset by anything in the future.
Something will happen, and we will get frustrated.
Something else will happen, and we will get devastated.
It’s just a normal thing in life.

Only when we know that we are upset, accept that we are upset,
And learn how to give up that upset, the quicker the better,
Then we are powerful in our lives.

This week I see that a few people are dwelling in their upsets, including me.
As for my case, I got overwhelmed by something so insignificant.
But I got upset anyway.

Cut the story short, a graphic designer of my company commented in public on my camera shots-

“You’re lucky that your automatic camera grabs the right exposure. No subject. No composition.”
“Congratulations! You’ve just killed the flower, butterfly, grass and the tree.”

I was really angry.
I felt humiliated.
I huffed and puffed in one whole week.
I lost my taste in taking any photos.
I lost my appetite.
My lips became dry and started to bleed.

Stress is a sure way to affect your health.
And I took the criticism badly, I created stress for myself, and I became sick.
I was really angry, after all I never had a good impression on this guy’s attitude before this, and his photos were not to my liking either.

Today, I’ve given up the upset and I'm enjoying my weekend.
It took a few people to convince me to give up.

A professional photographer said to me,

“It's nice to get critiques on your photos but when someone is so negative. You should ignore them.

The photos are great. Your skills appear to be very good. I wouldn't be able to improve the photos. But with all photos, once your skills are good, you should work on having your photos tell a story. This is much harder to do, and again doesn't depend on your camera but the person behind the camera.”

And few friends said,

“Your pictures are already good even when you had a cheaper camera.

You are entertaining a person’s negative comment when actually you don’t have to.”

So I’m giving it up.
Some people like you.
Some people dislike you.
Some people hate you.
Some people tried to tell you, but you took it the wrong way.

So let’s not be too significant about it, and have fun.

Below is a shot I took just before I leave the office for the weekend-

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