please pray

Aaron Hoshi is my green iguana pet.

Just after I bought it four years ago, Hoshi was my attention every day. I would check it the first thing I got back from my lecture classes at the university. I brought it out, sometimes put it on my shoulder and walked around. Hoshi at that time was really taken good care of.

Then Hoshi grew and I changed his tank to a bigger one.
There were times when Hoshi was being fierce and not friendly.
Keeping an iguana pet needs pure patience and unconditional love.
Many iguana owners proudly took good care of their pet ‘til they grow so huge and magnificent, but there are a few owners who also gave up in the middle of the way.

I, as like other few owners, surrender with our occupied time with other priorities and perhaps we have neglected our pets to a certain extent. Of course, I constantly have mine being fed, but these few months I only provided the same food and held it less.

Yesterday, as I fed Hoshi, I noticed a hard lump on the left side of his jaw.
I feel guilty for not holding Hoshi that much, for if I do, I would have noticed it earlier.

I brought him to the vet today, and an X-ray was done.

Today, Hoshi is being put overnight at the veterinary hospital.
Tomorrow, he will undergo a surgery to remove the lump.

To you who reads this, please pray for Hoshi to get well and will be the healthiest iguana ever.

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