review: konsert seribu warna siti nurhaliza

My review of Siti Nurhaliza's concert,
which also featured her sisters Saida and Saerah.


This review would be influenced by the factors below-

a) I had a strong intention to enjoy myself that night. So I created it.

b) Siti Nurhaliza Taruddin is my favorite local artiste. I review as a supporter, and in the perspective of where she can go even further to be a world class performer.

Therefore, read this just as an opinion, from me.

Quoted from a friend-
“Tengok konsert Siti macam tengok Celine Dion- tidak menghampakan.”

Her entrance was started by bunch of female dancers with their fluffy feather boas and fancy dresses, and the star emerged in between them. We could feel the essence of glamour in the show.

Adorned in a fuchsia organza layered dress with sparkling shiny gems on it, Siti Nurhaliza brought back the crème parts of her recent concert in Istana Budaya.

This concert flow was smooth and swift.
It shows that effort has been given to make sure that no part of the show would be feel draggy and boring to the audience.
And since this was done in a stadium, we could just lay back on our seats, eat our snacks and watch. This sounds cliche, but just like a good movie, the whole night went so fast!

She sang Ku Mahu and Pendirianku, with the music having a kick of Beyonce’s style, and people cheered especially when we could hear the familiar tune of Crazy In Love.

Seriously I was too happy that she brought in so many colorful dancers, and the choreography was sharp and edgy. It was so entertaining to watch!

Saida and Saerah performed their own album songs and both of them have improved a lot. Saida sounded like another version of Nurhaliza, and Saerah had her own aggressive vocals. With hardwork and discipline, these two can go hand in hand with their famous sister and give more color to the industry.

Saida looks like a singer from Indonesia, and Saerah has already slimmed down a lot! Of course, with discipline, you can get that good figure.

Next, Saida and Saerah perform a few hit numbers from our neighbouring Indonesia. Siti Nurhaliza joined with them later to sing. Songs were original sung by the singers Mulan Jameela, Maia Estianty and also Rossa. Good effort from Siti Nurhaliza’s sisters.

My unforgettable scene was when the bamboo flautist Mohar played a tune, sounded so mystical and ethnic, and Siti Nurhaliza accompanied by humming together. It sounded almost like Balinese music, so soothing and magical. And to our pleasure, this was a rendered intro of her singing Bukan Cinta Biasa. She sang the whole song, accompanied by the flute. Simple, just between the two of them, and the smoke machine adding to the effect. Wonderful.

She powerfully sang Faizal Tahir’s Mahakarya Cinta, and as for Anuar Zain’s Lelaki Ini, she brought the mood up successfully to the end. It was astounding.

It made me wanting to listen to Anuar’s album again. She surely made him proud.

At the final part of the concert, Siti Nurhaliza sang the famous song Seindah Biasa, and oh my, when she entered the first phrase, her voice was so smooth and lyrical. I just couldn’t describe it.

As for the musicians, they were superb. For the introduction of Destinasi Cinta, she introduced the band players one after another. The percussionist, the drummer, the music director cum keyboardist, and the bassist. By pointing each of them, they started to play their part. It was like a jam session of the professionals.

And of course besides waving to the fans, in Destinasi Cinta, she communicate with all the fans by asking everyone to sing together. We could see that after more than ten years of performing, she is really comfortable with the public.

Stage lighting was amazing. Spotlights were being put at every angle, with correct timing with the concert flow. There were also some spotlights glaring at the top of the stage, not to light up the stage but just to add the effect. Whenever there is a catchy song, these lights will beam up to the beat. That is so cool.

I left the stadium with full satisfaction. I was entertained.

Of course there are some improvements that need to be looked into- but I am sure the experts of the production have already knew what need to be done next in the future, and not necessary for me to mention them here.

Congratulations, Siti Nurhaliza. You’ve shown a lot of progress for your artwork and may you always pursue and reach your next level of achievement in singing and performance.

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