there is nothing better for me to write

Yes. There is nothing very significant for me to write.
Or perhaps I am just stopping myself from writing something which is not necessary.

There are points where I wanted to write about something-
But then when I think again, the points seem pointless. I mean, it would just sound like a complaint, and it ain’t bringing me any change to my life though. And these points are the usual situations that would happen in our usual lives. As usual as any days.

But maybe just for self expression, I will write it down in a small compilation.

As usual as any days,

There are always people who are always resigned and cynical with the people who rule the country.
There are also less vocal people who silently support the government.

As usual as any days,

There are people who keep on complaining about their lives,
trying to fix it, or go hitting around the bush,
because in the first place they do not learn how to forgive and forget the past that they are still bringing forward to their lives.
They are stuck with “this is what I am” without an ending of “this is what I can do bout it”.
They don’t realize that in between the lines, whenever they say about their lives, the real fact is they still hold grudge to their ex spouse, their mothers, their old friends, or their childhood.

As usual as any days,

People complain about the dirty public toilet,
But people still do not leave the toilet without checking any souvenirs they shouldn’t leave behind.
And these two types of people are the same person.

As usual as any days,

There are moslems who were brought up with good Islamic education,
But in the end they let themselves astray with the so-called richness of education,
With their stand of freedom and justice as how it is sculpted by the Westerners.
Freedom is defined as “I can do whatever I want to do” without being responsible with it.

And there are moslems who were brought up with the richness of Islamic education,
But in the end they become extremists.
As usual as any days.

I want to make my life not as usual as any days.

So I stopped myself from indulging in these topics which became constant racket in my head-

“Why? Why are they like that? Why can’t they see?”

I have a bigger responsibility to create results in my OWN life.
So I shy away with all of the things above.
Better practice my trumpet! Cikgu sudah marah!