to take action

I was shocked to calculate that my basic expenditure is way more than my monthly salary. Of course, I felt devastated, since I do not know what else to give up to avoid the negative RM150 in the balance of my calculation, expected every month.

Of course last time I lived comfortably, because I've got some extra money coming into the bank. Now that all the resources have gone, my fund has completely depleted.

So right now the money went back to basic. But-

(Basic monthly expense - Monthly salary = -RM150).

It's not healthy to worry too much. I get gastric frequently even when my tummy is full. And of course my hair gets thinner by the day. And now I am stuck.

I'm done with the stress. Time to do something.
My glass is too full. Time to tip off the glass, emptying it.
Time to create a possibility and take action.