the dispute of the same blood

All of us, Malaysians, are aware of the current dispute between our nation and our neighboring Indonesia. Quite uncomfortable.

It is quite an awe that some people (from either side) go all out to continue reviving this conflict, through the creation of spam messages, dedicated channel for chat and forum discussions to continue telling how bad the other country is, and the editing of graphics that incline to the matter.

Why is this so? Strange the world is sometimes, when we human beings are more dedicated to inflict hate rather than to love. We tend to defend arguments rather than to work things out. We look into petty matters and make them huge rather than think of big plans to bring ourselves and our nation to go to the next level comparable to countries like Japan.

Culture and arts should not be contained. It should be shared, diversified.
When it comes to classical music, no single Europe country would stubbornly claim that this is their culture and nobody else in the world has the rights to it. Instead, it keeps on spreading and more masterpiece are created, til now in the 20th century music, eg: the great Leonard Bernstein.

It’s a shame when actually we all fall back into the same ethnic roots.
Some Malaysians have Javanese blood and speak Javanese.
Some Indonesians do not speak Indonesian language, they speak Minangkabau.

Malaysian batik, Singaporean batik, Indonesian batik. So what?
Why don’t we follow the steps of the people who share technologies and ideas rather than making ourselves limited? Why don’t we follow Siti Nurhaliza and Kris Dayanti who collaborated to create another gift to the industry?

There are more critical issues that we need to tackle with. Enough already.