how did you celebrate new year 2010?

For my case, it was a BLAST.

I had to wear a cowboy outfit for a costume party, in a posh service apartment in the middle of the city. It was all a first time experience.
We had games, had nice photo shooting, watched fireworks, dip marshmallow in melt chocolate. I have to thank dear dear Z for insisting me to attend this party of his.

And the best thing of all, I managed to take excellent wonderful photos. Enjoy.

Celebration was done at the 22nd floor of Darby Park apartment, near KLCC.

I came early.

My hat and scarf, to complete the cowboy outfit ^_^

Marshmallow and melt chocolate, waiting for a good dipping!

There were two children of a pair of young parents who came too.

The city, calmly waiting for countdown.

Happy new year! Fireworks~

The streets, soon after the celebration is done.

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