a red light at the junction

Another huge lacuna in this masterpiece called my life.

I am in a month period of thinking of the next decision for me.
Thanks to the friends around me who gave their own view of the matter,
We all conclude that the question now is-

What do I want in my life? What I really want in my life?

My journey starts with me being focused with my prayers to God.
It gives me serenity and a clearer mind.
It’s not easy to stay focused though, because as the days pass, especially when I am alone doing nothing, I will start to strategize on the things that I can do with the certain things in my life.

The other thing that I did was to get feedbacks from friends, and I am blessed that they do not judge me. They know that I do make grave mistakes like other humans do.

From our heart to heart discussion, I got that perhaps the mishap that happened was just meant to be, for me to rethink of what I really want in life.

Yesterday, I tried out another physical class - cycling exercise class that they call as RPM.
For an hour, I had a good sweat and my legs had a good exercise.
Somehow I had the chance to forget my worries for a while.

This year might be scary.
But I do see the potential that this year I could create a lot of amazing things for myself.

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