trying out yoga and Pilates

I have always wanted to join any of the classes at my gym. As we all know, these classes are free to attend, included automatically inside your monthly charges as the gym member.

I tried one of the dance exercise classes and I think that they are fun and you really will experience a good work out. However, I find that sometimes it’s difficult to get along with the steps, and you need to be aware of when is the introduction of the new set of steps, normally they have that introduction every three months.

So, I got interested to join those beginner yoga and Pilates classes instead.
I am curious. what’s with the huge vibe about this kind of practice- with the practitioners insisting that it is good for the mind and physical health, and how it gives a good focus in solat (prayers) as what some people claim it to be. Because, in fact, I want to gain that too!

So I entered and here is my experience.


Those movements and postures, that seem to look so simple and 'nothing', actually gives your body a good stretch and pressure. You really feel like you are doing a good exercise.

By following the instructions properly, you get to stretch your legs, thighs, your back, neck, feet joins and all. Yoga, true as they say, really has some postures which are similar to what we always do in the solat.

But with one condition-
Recall the first time you learn to perform your solat, and do the postures properly with strict discipline. Breathing must be in order and in a relaxed way, standing and sitting must be checked so that your back is straight. Even while doing the sujud, the backbone must be lengthened properly, to give a good stretch to the body. Even the tiniest thing, such as the folding of the toes, is important.

While breathing in and out calmly, movements are done slowly, and we have the opportunity to stay focused, thinking about nothing but being aware of our body. Listen to our breathing and be at peace.

That is yoga.
More information about the relatedness of yoga and solat, for your further reading.

How about my experience doing Pilates?

Really, it is a very, very good exercise for the abs muscle.
If you want a good exercise that can strengthen your tummy, and lower legs, and also make you sweat, this is a very interesting and fun exercise compared to that boring crunches that we normally do to get that six packs. I regularly do crunches and sit ups using the machines, and I honestly hate them.

Hey, go and enroll to your nearest fitness and gym center.
When else do we want to start and take care of our health?
The classes are fun and worth it.
And they have hot shower too!

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