giving back

Last few days I have not strive that much to the best of myself.
I’ve put aside all my commitments, reduced productivity, and had myself laid back for the whole long weekend instead.

Not that I didn’t enjoy myself. Of course I did!
I escaped the real world, taking some fresh air, working out at a different gym, and followed my friend walking around the KL city when there is less people around during the Chinese New Year. Took some photos, watched some movies, sleep late and eat a lot.
That was nice.

Now I am back to work. Stuff at the office is smooth sailing.

As for my life, I am putting myself in a little project too. It’s not really for my ownself, but more like a contribution from myself.

I’ve decided to join the team to help my school wind orchestra.

I’ve revisited my school wind orchestra and I am aware of the worrying state of it.
After few times of losing in a particular wind orchestra competition that they enter annually, they have also lost their drive, spirit, discipline, quality, teamwork, and image.
The funny thing about this competition which has been a tradition for us is that it could give impact on the orchestra for better or worse.

After the former instructor left and the new instructor entered, it was an awakening for everyone. They’ve come up with a new (but not less challenging) piece for the competition, and I am looking forward into working together with the little trumpet section of three boys.

And of course before they get prepared for practices with me, I have to get prepared with the piece myself! Boy, was it difficult! I have been put my trumpet for so long (my excuse is that I have a huge ulcer hole on my lips), plus the fact that the song IS challenging, I could foresee that we have got a lot of technical work to do.

The music work is an opportunity for the boys to challenge themselves to really upgrade their skills through constant practice. If they can manage this, the band can really improve very fast. In no time, they will be prepared to perform an annual concert to collect funds.

Indirectly, I have the chance to improve myself too, by getting prepared with this piece.

Through this small activity, I am recreating the possibility of a world class trumpet player, and I am creating the possibility of a prestigious high school wind orchestra, again.

I am excited.

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