something about pants

I can still remember almost twenty years ago (am I that old?) when I was a primary kid, I wear those pants with elastic waist bands, and I rarely wear a belt. I still wear one black pants with elastic waist band, when I was in junior high school.

My close friends at that time were teasing and nagging at me to ask dad to change my black pants due to the waist elastic band. “You are in high school already, you don’t wear seluar jerut”. And it doesn’t help that the brand of the pants is KIKO FOR KIDS. How about that.

Hm.. no thanks.

Today, I don’t have the “luxury” of wearing kids pants.
To be honest, right now I think I do need the luxury of a pair of seluar jerut.
I forgotten to wear my belt to work and my pants kept on sliding down.
My shirt kept on un-tucking itself out of the pants by magic, and I had to tuck it back in to avoid looking like a school gangster at work.

I need five more kilos to fit in my pants. Eugh.

Psst... I am a size XS, I still wear Cheetah Kids t-shirt. LOL

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