i am one year older

It’s my birthday today!
This time everyone else is doing their own thing, so I myself was doing some cool stuff on my own. What’s nice for this year is that a few friends wished me online, and my grandfather called from Muar to say happy birthday (that was really a pleasant surprise!), a few friends from afar messaged me via phone. I can’t buy myself something yet, most probably it will be happening at the end of the month.

I regard myself as a real adult now, and I am starting to give some clearance to my life.

I am given trust to produce excellence by people who respected and acknowledge my presence in their career or personal life. Dear family and true friends, you know who who you are, I salute and appreciate your kind words.

Few others who were skeptic, and having no mutual interest in having a good collaboration together, I grant their wish to live their own direction of life. For the moment, there is nothing to salvage, nothing to rescue or nothing to build up together. I wish them success and prosper in their future undertakings.

I am living life like it is a game, thinking of where I can play all out. Now that the path is clear for me, I am excited. I am interested to create wealth and financial freedom, more contribution in photography and music, a perfect body figure and health, and creating stronger bond between me and the people that I care about.

Time is short.
Let’s enjoy this game called life.

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