i am publishing all the drafted posts now.

I am reaching a month of being single.
(Long pause. Thinking of what’s a good writing for me and for others to read.)

My previous postings were not giving any good example to you as the audience.
Except that they were a true update of what I holler from within.

Sadness, guilt, anger, blame, these feelings are part of us being human.
Your judgment to what you are reading now; be it positive or negative, being bored by it or enjoying it while eating popcorn, is a part of being human.

A friend commented that I didn’t sound or look sad enough, after the end of a relationship that lasted for three years. Hm.

I guess I am coping with it rather well.
Being down is tiring. Instead of exhausting myself giving fuel to the negative energy,
I brush it off aside and stop being drifted away by it. I focus to being present, being aware of what I am doing at the current moment.

I know that having a relationship ended has a ship full of disadvantages attached to it.
I also know that having a relationship ended is an open door.

The question I should ask myself is, why is it meant to end?

God and the universe created by Him have a plan for me.
And I have to admit, for a lot of personal reasons; this IS the best path of me.
Apart of the pain (no pain no gain!), I can now STOP resisting it.

Pain comes now, a good future lies ahead.
After all, I am still alive with all the advantages that I have.
I am getting rid of my pacifier now.
I should lighten up already.