measures taken

Measures taken to treat a broken heart and to immerse in the miracle of the ordinary moments in life.

No sad sappy songs. No catchy songs. Either type of song sounds stupid now.
I am now listening to meditation songs again and again. They have no focused emotions in it.

Just do all the things I need to do, one day at a time.

Go back and rest at my hometown in Ampang, playing with my brother’s D90 which is my dream camera. Read the photo magazines bought by my father. Go to the kitchen and get surrounded with my mom’s cats.

Focus all my attention in the sound produced by the good musicians in KL Pac Orchestra, during rehearsals. The fierce bowing of the bass. The almost French horn like sound of the good trombone. The amazing unity of the rich sound of strings. The accuracy of the flutes.

Carmen Suite, Pomp and Circumstances, and a piano concerto by Chopin.
Either the piece or the arranger himself is my favorite.

Body Balance class. Working out religiously.

And always remember that all the good things I’ve gotten from the relationship, were eventually granted by Him. He gives us good things, He take them back, for a good reason. Have faith that He’ll grant us better things ahead. Just have faith, create the future and work it out.