some updates of end may 2010

It’s two in the morning and I had just came back home. Today is Saturday morning, the only people that I can imagine still wide awake are those who are jumping and making moves on the dance floor, either at the back lane of Bukit Bintang or at Jalan Sultan Ismail where all the clubs are.(Yeah, I think I want to hit the club one weekend. Soon.)

Anyway, let's talk about updates on MY life.
If somebody asked me to describe my life in three adjectives, I would say ‘very independent’, ‘busy’ and ‘in demand’.

I am very independent now after allowing myself and a few people a distance in time, location and communication. True, it was a lonely experience at first. But after thinking it through, it won’t give any benefit if I try to be in contact when actually I am not wanted. There are many methods that we can choose to end conflicts, and one of them is by leading separate lives. By that there is a clear end of unhealthy competition, arguments and judgments. No more. And both separate worlds can nurture and grow even faster than before.

About me being busy and 'in demand', I meant that I am consistently being given multiple tasks for my role as an IT executive and trumpet player.

My contract as an IT executive has been renewed, and I am proud to say that I am an important person for printing distribution and management of the whole firm and I am in charge of the data backup for the whole organization. I thrive for excellence in giving IT support for all computer related issues, of course in facing nonsense I am stern; however, I do have a listening ear and empathy for the staff as my client. I’ve learn to forgive that the staff are (only) experts in their line, however they need the IT specialists like us to advice, educate and assist them in dealing with their computers, IT network, data and printers.

As I learn to stop resisting the reality of life with its good and bad news, I’ve started to receive a series of opportunities to perform, or coach, or attend music performances. Sometimes performances were too many, I could select either to give up or accept the offer to perform on certain shows. Thinking of it, it reminded me of the possibility that I created a year ago- that is to have at least one performance per month.

As a person who has that keen on photography, I’ve upgraded a lot and I am so happy to own my very first DSLR with its kit lens as well as a multipurpose zoom lens. I also had the honor to be the official photographer and graphic designer for my dear friend who has kick-started his international musical theater academy.

My financial control has started to improve, I still did some purchasing of the fine things in life; however, I am still left to be able afford the necessities. It feels so much better now compared to my life few years back.

But above all, apart knowing that I was the one who declared and created my future, eventually all of these were granted by God. This journey called life, when I take a deeper look into it; indeed it is so true what they say as God has better plans for all of us. All I should do is just have faith, pray, and do my best.

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