they flourished indeed!

To fill up my empty Saturday, as well as out of curiosity, I have decided to bike all the way to watch the annual concert of Sekolah Seri Puteri Wind Orchestra: Flourishes, in the afternoon.

I was a bit late, and I entered the grand hall when they played First Suite by Gustav Holst. The hall’s acoustic was perfect, they didn’t need any aid from the sound system.

Nothing much to complain about, except that the orchestra really needs a good designer to do their uniform next time. This point is also agreed by most of my friends. Bump into them and you almost thought that they were hotel laundry girls. “Room service!”

As I let myself settled down, I enjoyed myself listening to the orchestra performing Oblivion, accompanying a rising trombone star, Mr Mustaqim.

For old sake time, they played the song Permaidani, a simple arrangement for today’s standard, accompanied by the choir. It’s a bit shame that the choir used their low range instead, almost mimicking the voice of a man, rather than using their natural voice, because that would have sounded sweet.

I have a feeling that the team was reserving their energy during the first half, because the orchestra suddenly boost up during the second set after the break.

They played Armenian dance well, which was rumored as the piece that they will perform for this year’s orchestra competition.

However, they showed off their real strength by playing an abstract piece named Vesuvius, and to add to the impact, abstract dancers performing poses and moved from the stage center to the side, down to the stairs, up to the audience and back to the stage in front of the orchestra. The orchestra ended abruptly, and all dancers dropped down to the floor. Cleverly done, and they got a big applause and cheer by the audience.

To lighten up the mood, Rasa Sayang was played in the end, with some gimmick movements and shouts by the players here and there. Colorful spotlights of different patterns gave more to the cheerful mood.

Overall, this concert was successful. I believe that all who came left the concert with a joyful happy feeling.

Congratulations to the girls, the conductor and the school management, well done.

Better uniform next time! LOL

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