boys and their toys

Remember my street photography long ago?
I've also got to take these few shots.

Modern white horses.

The tough one..

..and the youthful one.

A Hasselblad camera. You can either get this one, or a car.

A kid with a camera.

A new friend, who sold his previous lens to me.
His gadget now is almost five times more expensive than mine.

One photographer, whom I thought was a model. Enjoy-

And this is me, with my camera :)


cHikAnoZ said...

waahhh.. u have a hot body though its with clothes on. :P

::airswift:: said...

hahahah you made me laugh on this tuesday working morning. :P

cHikAnoZ said...

hehe.. i am delighted able to make someone laugh on a working morning. :)

good day ahead.